Zaphoriel is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues. He is written by Iximaz.


Zaphoriel is slim and moderately tall, with pale blond hair that falls loosely to his shoulders, and inquisitive grey eyes. He’s androgynous in the extreme (leaning only barely towards the masculine end of things), and after spending nearly all six thousand-plus years of his existence in Heaven, still struggles from time to time understanding why humans get so worked up about things like ‘gender’.

When he’s not manifesting his wings (which are very fluffy and white, like all angels’ wings should be), the only feature that marks him as otherworldly are his fingernails, which are naturally golden.

He has a very limited wardrobe, which consists solely of brown loafers, a white suit, a pale blue shirt, and a silver tie and waistcoat. Angels aren’t exactly known for their creative color palettes.


Zaphoriel is very soft-spoken and curious about everything. He has a childlike view of the world, with clearly-defined boxes of ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’. After spending his life from the moment of his creation preparing for Armageddon only to find it canceled, he’s now searching for a new purpose in life, and protecting the multiverse seems to be the best course of action for the time being.

Because he didn’t get the chance to learn much about Earthly matters while in Heaven, Zaphoriel swings between glee at new discoveries and aggression towards the things he views as ‘Satanic’. (Whether or not his views line up with those of humans seems to be a matter of chance; angels have a slightly different view of morality than we do.)

He doesn’t particularly care for Faust, seeing as he’s a demon and all, but he tries his hardest to make an effort to, if not get along, at least be frostily polite towards his partner. After all, it’s easier to work together when you’re not at each other’s throats all the time. Unfortunately for him, Faust seems determined to make that as difficult as possible.


June 2019Edit

  • Arrives at the PPC.

October 2019Edit

  • Turns 6024.

Mission ReportsEdit

Partnered with FaustEdit


RC 668

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