Suzanna Ashlar, called Zanna, is an agent in the Department of Floaters. She is written by LunarHuntress.

Agent ProfileEdit


Zanna is of average height, about 5’6”. She has short, vaguely spiky blond hair, in which you can still see the faded bits of pink in back from the last time she dyed it. She has bright gray eyes, a perpetual manic grin, and likes to wear lots of dangly colorful jewelry.


Zanna is very loud and social and almost always enthusiastic. She likes to talk, and talks a lot, regardless of whether anyone’s actually listening. She also has little to no filter between her brain and her mouth, which results in a lot of tactlessness. She doesn’t have much regard for personal space either, and likes to greet people, even if she knows them only tangentially, with flying hugs. She has a very unique sense of what’s normal and acceptable and what’s not, which tends to weird people out.

Zanna is primarily very happy and bubbly and cheerful, but prone to rapid and complete mood whiplashes. She’s very passionate and rarely feels anything halfway. She is incredibly impulsive, always rushing into things without thinking first. She’s super friendly and open and once you get used to her, she’s a lot of fun to hang out with. Getting used to her, though, tends to take a while.

She genuinely likes Cafeteria food, much to the horror/amusement/suspicion of everyone around her. However, liking it does not mean she is immune to it, and Medical is starting to consider not accepting her for food poisoning cases anymore.

Despite all this, she is deceptively intelligent, and not-so-deceptively slightly insane.

Agent HistoryEdit

It takes a very special kind of person to accept a job offer from a giant, psychic, well-dressed flower. Zanna Ashlar is that kind of person.

Zanna is from New England. Pre-PPC, she was a librarian. Because of the really bad understaffing problem the PPC has, they went out recruiting, specifically looking for people who already A) had a deep love, understanding, and respect for canon, and B) were slightly crazy. Zanna fit the bill very nicely. She is having the time of her life in PPC HQ.

Mission Logs Edit

Home: Response Center #101010

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