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Agent Zan Holbar, occasionally called Zan, is a Hork-Bajir Seer in the Department of Floaters, formerly written by Tawaki.

Zan Holbar was created as a minor character in a massive crossover between eleven separate fandoms, and was recruited along with Iskillion-Galuit-Elendil in 2003 by a group of unknown untanglers. Since one of the scenes in her home fic involved her being partially eaten by Taxxons, a ravenous Animorphs-native species, she was unable to start her PPC career immediately after recruitment, since she was heavily damaged both physically and mentally. After a period of time in Medical and FicPsych, she was able to join the organization proper, though several scars from the Taxxon attacks were never removed from her body.

Zan Holbar's first position was an internship in the Department of Floaters with Agents Iskillion and Kamkenta Squee, though the latter was replaced by Tawaki Penguin after Kamkenta transferred. At some point within the next year, she became a full agent of the Department of Floaters. Her activities are largely unknown after this point, save for one Batman mission in which she requested Tawaki's help.

Though her initial years with the PPC are unknown, Zan seems to have acclimated to its human-dominated culture by the time of her first recorded appearances, even demonstrating enough knowledge of human cultural norms to mock Time Lord-Tawaki's fashion sense.

Additionally, Zan appears to be quite sane and professional for a PPC agent, easily irritated by bad jokes and displaying an ability to control other agents at their most trigger-happy moments. This excess of sanity may be due to the years in FicPsych coming before her field experience rather than after them. She tends to be apprehensive regarding unknown creatures and species, since a previous lack of vigilance led to the Taxxon attack in her home fic, and she's less than eager to be taken off-guard again.

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