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Zach is an agent in the Department of Floaters partnered with Agent Sara. He is the proud owner of the mini-triceratops Mr. Treehorn (who originated in the Legendary Badfic "Land Before Time: Littlefoot x Cera").

Agent Profile[]

Zach's close-up.


Zach is tall and a bit clumsy, with perpetually messy brown hair and blue eyes. He wears spectacles and, on occasion, a red paisley bandanna.


Zach is generally random. He loves to sing (though he's absolutely terrible) and has a large stash of red liquorice hidden somewhere in his RC. Bad smutfic makes him go berserk, but shoving something in his mouth usually calms him down (unwashed socks usually work the best). He loves a good joke, especially puns, and can be very cynical at times.

He is, however, affectionate and caring when it comes to his friends; during the 2009 Invasion Memorial Party, he was very concerned for the well-being of Sara when she disappeared after an argument with another agent and getting a mite drunk. Luckily, she turned up later safe and sobered up, much to his relief. During the party he also made known his feelings for Nat Freidar, which were (to his happy bewilderment) returned, and continue to be so.

These days, he seems to have mellowed out a little and is a bit more demonstratively affectionate, though he has a tendency to blush if teased about his current romantic situation.


Zach came to the PPC in early 2007 as forced labour a volunteer agent. He was assigned to Agent Sara Knight soon afterward.

Zach returned from PPCing the Legendary Badfic "Land Before Time: Littlefoot x Cera" in early 2008 and managed to procure HQ's entire stock of red liquorice. Attempting to take any from him would probably have resulted in the maiming of multiple people.

After several months of keeping his head down, Zach's next adventure other than his missions was the 2008 Christmas Party, where he was caught up in a drunken Cassie Young's antics and kissed rather soundly before being rescued by her partners Nat and Kelvin. This began his association with the residents of RC 10, which was more prominently continued in the 2009 Memorial Party, where he ended up not only kissing Nat, but falling into mutual head-over-heels love.

Zach has more or less been flying below the radar since then; however, he made a brief appearance at a birthday party in September 2011. From this appearance it is apparent that he is in a committed and very happy relationship with Nat, and a contented father of twins Emily and Anthony, as well as continuing his work.

Mission Reports[]

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