Yu Yu Hakusho's four core characters. They aren't your personal friends, doormats, boytoys, yinyangs, or yoyos, but they are from a pretty awesome series.

Yu Yu Hakusho is a manga/anime series about Yusuke Urameshi, a tough-guy teenager and all-around delinquent who dies saving a child from a car accident and as a reward is given the chance to return to life...except that now he has the ability to sense the supernatural. Following standard newly-acquired-superpower operating procedure, he becomes a (somewhat anti-heroic) Spirit Detective by order of the baby-faced prince of the spirit world, Koenma.

While the series was originally intended to be a series of stories involving Yusuke solving supernatural problems and crimes in the human world, the series eventually turned into a tournament fighting anime, like many that share its genre. However, the strong main and supporting cast, as well as the creative and engaging fights that often had unpredictable conclusions, quickly set it apart from its peers. While the original manga was never completed, an anime version was released that not only gave the series a proper ending, but cleaned up many of the lesser arcs and superfluous stories, resulting in a quick yet well-paced and entertaining show that spans 112 episodes and two movies. The good news is that the world was given an excellent shounen anime that is considered by many fans to be the pinnacle of the genre. The bad news is, the fangirls noticed. And there were just enough pretty demon boys among the fighting high-school punks to make them stay.

In the PPCEdit

Although Yu Yu Hakusho minis have been rescued from missions, they have not yet been given form. The first author to create a YYH Fanfiction University, or to bring more YYH minis back from a mission, may do so.

Agents from this ContinuumEdit

No PPC agents are currently known to hail from Yu Yu Hakusho. However, as part of Teena's Suethor-made Jusenkyo curse, her other form Kit can grow and control a Death Tree, a power shared by the YYH character Yoko Kurama. (This is despite the fact that the Jusenkyo curse comes from Ranma 1/2, not Yu Yu Hakusho.)

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