Ysalamiri (singular ysalamir) are furry, lizard-like creatures from the Star Wars continuum, first appearing in the Thrawn Trilogy. They are highly sought after for their ability to negate the powers of any Force-users in the vicinity.

In CanonEdit


The real C'baoth can't harm Thrawn due to Thrawn's ysalamir.

Ysalamiri live on the planet Myrkr, where they feed on the sap of trees. This left them easy prey for vornskrs, predators that hunt using the Force. Eventually, the ysalamiri evolved the ability to create a bubble in which living organisms are unable to manipulate the Force.

Grand Admiral Thrawn discovered a way to keep ysalamiri alive while off their trees, and kept them on his person to shield himself from the attacks of Force-users. Ysalamiri still exist in the Legends continuity, but are unconfirmed as part of the main canon.

In the PPCEdit

Ysalamiri played a minor role during the Reorganisation. After the Sunflower Official had learned the Mysterious Somebody's identity, Nyx Nightingale captured wild ysalamiri to keep Dassie Hyrax free of the dark Jedi's mind control. The DIS also used ysalamiri while trying to remove Luke Skywalker from HQ, and efforts are apparently being made by the Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology to duplicate the effects of the Forceless bubble ysalamiri generate. Since ysalamiri are still a thing in the Legends canon, the PPC should still be able to use them.


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