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A ypur is a large, dark blue, yak-like creature with zig-zaggy antlers. A stampede of them was spawned in the spambot attack of 2008, in which the subject line "i love it! send me ypur pics" was posted repeatedly, causing the Boarders to respond with egg whisks, guns, bells, various weapons, and a 5000-pound rhino.

Boarder insanegrrl responded with the following:

That sounds like a Mongolian furry animal.
Should we make it an official PPC creature?
Anyway. Spambot, I release Ypurs on you! They're large yakkish things except they have rather spiky horns and dark blue fur. And they enjoy eating sausages. Sausages made of your body would be the best.
*watches Ypurs nom gleefully*

And thus, ypurs came into being. The Boarders promptly began to fashion barding for them that they might be ridden into battle against the evil spambot and other undesirables.


Apart from the aforementioned 2008 incident, in 2010 another spambot attacked the Board, likewise requesting pictures of ypurs. This time it was written as if the typist had shifted their fingers one key to the left. The reason for this is unknown, and there are no records of ypurs being ridden into battle at this time. It is not known whether they were also used as vehicles during the temporary evacuation of the Board.

During the Blackout, a sizable group of ypurs that had settled in the Cafeteria following the previous spambot invasions was driven out by the release of Slorp the meatloaf monster. Many of the creatures were consumed by the ravenous aberration, but most of them escaped into the halls of Headquarters. At least twenty-three were captured in DoSAT hangar Aleph-38 by Evie and a team of technicians, but later broke containment and fell through a portal into Aperture Science. The recapturing of the errant ypurs by Evie and the Fisherman is documented in "Blackout - GLaDOS vs Ypurs."


Images of ypurs can be found: