"Your Lightsaber and You" is a short Star Wars parody film by Ehren Ziegler and Kymberly Tubbs. It features the exploits of Timmy, who has just built his first lightsaber, and his friends Bobby and Mary-Ellen. In gloriously corny seventies-PSA style, they learn important lessons about safe, responsible lightsaber use, including:

  • When you turn your lightsaber on for the first time, never point it towards your face.
  • Don't use it in the house—always take it out of doors.
  • Once you turn it on, never touch the blade.
  • Approach your opponent carefully. Don't show off too early.
  • Always give your opponent a head start. That way, it's more fun to hunt them down later.
  • Once someone loses a limb, the battle is over.
  • When the lightsaber battle is over, make sure you clean up after yourself. No one likes a mess.

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"Your Lightsaber and You" is used in HQ as a training video for agents who have recently acquired lightsabers. Jay and Acacia had to view it prior to their mission "The Luggage Runs Off With the One Ring."

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