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Séverine and Yoof are a partnered pair of agents working in the Cafeteria as cooks. Although Séverine in particular is a good chef, they are bad at their job due to cutting corners and trying to avoid work.


Séverine is a dark-skinned woman descended from native New Caledonian Kanak. She generally wears mission dresses in floral patterns. She has frizzy brown hair, and speaks French, English, and some dialects of native Kanak. She is probably roughly thirty years old.

Yoof is a mawg—half man, half dog—from the Spaceballs setting. He has mostly brown fur, with some white spots around his eyes and ears.


Séverine is rather haughty, not liking to listen to others and generally wanting to be left alone to her own devices. Despite this, she is very attached to Yoof, and feels obligated to keep him out of harm's way as much as possible. Séverine is especially hateful of Fr'sst (or "Beast" as she usually calls him), who seems to have a personal vendetta against the pair.

Yoof is very simple-minded, and very expressive of his emotions. He seems to default to happy most of the time. He's very easily excited, especially by the smell of food, or eating food, or the prospect of food. Despite his height, he seems to still be a puppy; the lack of canon info about mawg culture doesn't help much. Yoof is unsure of himself in new situations, and trusts Séverine to guide him safely through life. He is a fanboy of Barf, the only canon representative of his species. He dislikes Fr'sst, although this is probably just a cat-and-dog thing, rather than for personal reasons like Séverine has.

Both enjoy working with food (Séverine the cooking, Yoof the eating) but are cowardly, preferring to remain in Headquarters' kitchens rather than going on food-collecting missions into the Word Worlds. They generally try to get around this by breaking rules and taking shortcuts, but these plans rarely work. Fr'sst tends to have a hand in undoing these schemes.

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