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The three Yellow Roses are assistants in the Department of Out of Character Hobbits for the Authoritative Elanor.

They are young, impressionable, flirtatious, and very taken with the Sunflower Official, who, at least in public, denies all association with these particular Flowers. The Multiverse Monitor reported the story in its first issue.[1] As always, the truth of anything in the Monitor is debatable at best.

During the Fifth Anniversary Celebration, the Yellow Roses bothered and/or offended the Sub Rosa and the Uncommon Comma, along with possibly embarrassing the SO beyond just annoying him.

During the Swan's Egg event, two of the three Yellow Roses were injured (specifically, receiving minor burns)[2]  by the berserk Department of Internal Operations agent Peter Piper[3] during a series of attacks that also caused the deaths of the Clover and the Snowthorn.

The Yellow Roses were not originally members of the Organisation and the PPC; they stayed on Origin until the planet fell during the Cascade.[4]


  • The Yellow Roses were created by Starwind Rohana for the Multiverse Monitor, and later assigned to the DOOCH by Huinesoron. At no point was the original creator of the DOOCH involved.
  • Curiously, in Real World floriography, yellow roses currently mean friendship, but at one point also meant jealousy, and these Yellow Roses are certainly very "friendly."