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The Yarrow was the head of the League of Mary Sue Factories. He left Headquarters with the Mysterious Somebody when the Dark Jedi was exiled from the PPC, and later became the Administrator of the FGenMS08 Mary Sue Factory. The deaths of the Mysterious Somebody and the Bindweed during the assault on HQ left a power vacuum, which allowed him to seize control of the Factories. After the destruction of FGenMS01, the original and largest of the Factories, the Yarrow reformed those that remained into the League, which began to operate independently of the Mysterious Somebody's original plans. At some point during the crisis, he received a shipment of samples that were used to enhance later generations of the League's Mary Sues; some of the experiments involving these components led to the creation of Sue-copies such as Lilith.

He was a very bad-tempered Flower and intolerant of failure, as shown when he had the Pipe-Weed infected with the tobacco mosaic virus for taking too long in its preparations.

The Yarrow was killed by Agent Harlan during the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion in revenge for Makes-Things's death, before Harlan himself was killed by the Yarrow's bodyguard.[source, please!] The Yarrow's death led to a power struggle between the Forget-Me-Not and Venomous Tentacula, which ended in October 2008 with the Tentacula's victory.[1]