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Xanthus Garkaran is a turian agent with the Department of Floaters. He is partnered with Anneli Rodriguez and Cinderella, and is written by Herr Wozzeck.


Xanthus Garkaran has stated that he is a former Blue Suns merc, but that is covering only a small part of his backstory.

His story began on the Citadel, where he worked as a red sand smuggler with a secure job and good friends. He even had a crush on a human by the name of Annie Henderson. This, of course, changed with the attack on the Citadel by Saren and the geth. And suddenly, things began going wrong with his life. As Xanthus himself has stated, red sand crackdowns got worse as time went on, to the point that Xanthus almost got cornered by C-Sec. Because of this, he eventually fled the Citadel to work as a Blue Suns merc on Omega, where he stayed for two years. He became involved in the merc assault on Archangel's base: however, as a large mercy to Xanthus, he fell through a plothole before he could ever get into Archangel's base. He wound up in the PPC, and was convinced to join from there.


Xanthus's morality is a little more gray than that of most agents, having worked as a red sand smuggler for most of his life. Thus, he can be a bit ruthless in some spots. However, the PPC has brought out his better side, and as it turns out he can be quite dependable when it comes to getting the job done. He gets rather angry if people portray criminals in ways he does not know them to be, particularly Blue Suns mercs.

He is also quite a friendly guy, and even has an acquaintance on the Citadel who can see through the SEP field.

Mission Reports[]

Home: PPC Response Center #2183

Partnered with Anneli and Cinderella[]