Agent WyldeHorse, Wylde for short, is a part-time assassin in the Department of Mary Sues, Anime Division. She was written by WyldeHorse.

Wylde and her partner Teena both suffer from the Jusenkyo curse thanks to an incident in a bad Ranma 1/2 fic, where the story's Sue "tried to upset the whole damn continuum" with fandom Jusenkyo. Wylde's cursed form is a small Oriental dragon. In this form, she can fly, lift things several times her own weight, breathe fire, and talk—something a normal Jusenkyo would not be able to do.

In her normal form, she is a human girl with bright blue eyes and long brown hair that she wears in a severe braid. Her first love is the English language. She collects the shiny orbs that often take the place of eyes in badfic.

She and Teena share a favorite character: Kurama, the "yummy ningen-youko" from Yu Yu Hakusho. Two things keep the partners in harmony instead of fighting over him: One is the simple fact that Wylde likes his ningen form better, while Teena prefers the youko. The other is that they're both yaoi fans, and would rather see Kurama with Hiei than any girl, up to and including themselves.

In addition to anime, Wylde is a fan of Mercedes Lackey, and she adheres to the religion of the Shin'a'in from the Valdemar continuum. Her spear, Ironheart, is named after a warsteed from one of the series. She is also the dean of the Official Fanfiction Collegium of Valdemar, which is why she is only a part-time assassin.

WyldeHorse has adopted the minis Gadnalf and Grandelf.

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