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Werewolves are pretty cool, guys.

A werewolf is a werecreature that turns into a wolf on the nights of a full moon. In modern culture, it is often established that they have some rivalry or war going on with vampires.

There are many styles of werewolf around. Some are merely a change of face, size, and body hair. Others are more like anthropomorphic wolves. Still more are monstrous beasts, and there are also styles that change fully into a wolf, albeit one of notable size or special distinction.

Werewolves in Fanfic[]

For some reason, there are many stories (especially in the Pit) that like to turn canon characters into werewolves for little to no reason. One justification might be that werewolves are cool and making an already cool character turn into a big giant wolf is even cooler. The other is that the vampire-AU fic is also fairly common in the pit, and according to many fanfic writers, those vampires need somebody to fight.

Badfic Portrayal of Werewolves[]

This is how Lupin the werewolf looked in the movie. Some people do not agree with the appearance, but a cute wolfboy Lupin is just as unacceptable.

Although werewolves are awesome, in many settings (such as the Harry Potter canon), they are also established as being feral and extremely dangerous. In some canons, taking some kind of antidote can slake these werewolves' lust for blood, but in other canons, they must be either killed or restrained to prevent a streak of blood and gore whenever they transform.

Not so in badfic. Often, the fangirl idea of lycanthropy turns scary monsters into happy puppies, or even doggy-versions of anime catgirls. Making a normally bloodthirsty werewolf act like a harmless animal, or the victim of lycanthropy keep their mind when they normally would not, is a charge. Also, inducing a lycanthropic transformation voluntarily in settings bound by rules of when a werewolf transforms (full moon only, or other restrictions) is a charge, too.

This does not apply in canons where werewolves are essentially shapeshifters and keep their minds or really do act like normal animals when they transform, or can transform whenever they want.

Changing the canon appearance of a werewolf is always a charge, though. Physically turning a normally hairy, hulking beast into a sexy wolf-eared, bushy-tailed harem boy is just plain unacceptable.

Werewolves in the PPC[]

The following are werewolves who serve or have served as agents: