Voyagers! is a time travel–based television series broadcast in the 1982-1983 season on NBC.

Phineas Bogg (played by Jon-Erik Hexum) was one of a society of time travelers called Voyagers who, with the help of a young boy named Jeffrey Jones (played by Meeno Peluce) used a handheld device called an Omni (which looked much like a large pocket watch) to travel in time and ensured that history unfolded as we know it.

Sue Quality Edit

Voyagers! is a very small fandom, which is largely due to the fact that the show only ran for one season in the early `80s. After the release of the DVDs in July, 2007, there was an increase of fanfiction. So far two Sues have been slain in Voyagers!, one of which has been slain twice; the other one was male.

Currently, the fandom is plagued by one Sue that is written by two authors who don't feel the need for their stories to actually have continuity. The agent assigned to the fandom is still working on a plan to best deal with this situation. As if that's going to keep her out of these missions.

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