Voltarmi is a bronze dragon from the World of Warcraft universe, currently serving as a liaison between the Bronze Dragonflight and the PPC. As such, she is a member of the Department of Intelligence. She was created by Phobos, but is borrowable with permission from him.

Since a very large dragon would not fit well in the halls of Headquarters, when in HQ she usually goes as a Warcraftverse gnome. In her gnome form she has bright pink hair, which she wears in a coiled pyramid on the top of her head, green eyes, and bronze-colored robes. Despite her small stature in this form, she seems to like tall, well-muscled, blue men. She keeps a poster of Dr. Manhattan on her office wall.

She had Building Maintenance cover the floor of her office with sand and turn the thermostat up to near desert levels to mimic the conditions in the Caverns of Time.

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Voltarmi's gnome form

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