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"Violation of the Evenstar" is an idiotic and squicktastic rapefic, written by Daguy.


The "plot" begins when Arwen, daughter of Lord Elrond of Rivendell suddenly decides to sneak from the confines of the valley unarmed and dressed in impractical and revealing clothing. It is mentioned that she is not permitted to leave the Last Homely House without an escort, and that she had been 'coddled and wrapped in silk; unknowing of the dangers of the world'. This of course contradicts the Return of the King appendices, in which mention is made of her frequent trips to Lothlorien.

She is observed by a band of OOC orc scouts, who then shoot down her horse, causing her to be thrown off and knocked unconscious. When she wakes up, the orcs were now busy eating her horse. She mourns for her beloved steed's death, but makes no attempt to escape despite the fact that she was not tied up. The orcs notice that she had awakened, and they surround her. Arwen makes several futile threats instead of running, and the orc pack pounces upon her and shreds her gown, stripping her.

They then begin the brutal foreplay, taking hold of her breasts and other parts of her body. An orc bites her inner thigh and Arwen is left with thoughts of humiliation. Another one pleasures himself with her hair. To make it worse, she is forced to help one more orc masturbate on her, and detail is placed upon the 'slime pooled in her bellybutton' and the 'splotches of the foul liquid all over her previously untouched skin.'

Then, the pack-rape proper begins. Arwen puts up a minimal struggle as an orc spreads her legs. Her virginity is taken away from her in the most vulgar way possible. Arwen finally lies limp as the orc using her hair reaches climax, covering 'her previously glossy locks in come'. Another orc bites down on her breast, causing her to finally scream. Arwen muses on her lost innocence. Then, the orc that was so fascinated by her breasts tries to give her oral sex, and she submits and helps him to do it, thinking that he'll kill her and end her misery once he is done.

The orc doesn't, and Arwen is left in a fetal position on the forest floor, wondering whether orcs were capable of impregnating elves. Shortly after that, the Orc Captain, who hung back to let his men have their enjoyment first, violates her in all her orifices and bites her anus hard enough to leave a scar. Then, just as it seems that the torment would never end, Glorfindel arrives as a Deus ex Machina and saves her.


It was sporked by Agents Gypsy and Katie Cray of the Division of Bad Het. Read it if you dare.