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The Very Odd Day series is a set of PPC badfic shipfic mostly involving various Boarders who were active at the time of its writing, which starred "the PPC's most charismatic elf," Huinesoron.

The first Very Odd Day story was written as part of the first PPC Boarder Shipfic Fest; specifically, it (and its two sequels) contained every ship which was mentioned in the Shipfic Fest to include Huinesoron.

"Huinesoron's Very Odd Day"[]

The first of this series starts with the famous elf dressing — and accidentally wearing his girlfriend's underwear, no less — and then conquering the hearts and bodies of the following:

The elf's hottness (as the text explains, Huinesoron is the hottest person in the entire universe) causes a fight between Jon and Techno-Dann, who never get to have Huinesoron in the same way as the girls do, which leads the elf to wander off and spy the ones, the only, the lovely Jay and Acacia, and utterly fails to take either girl as a temporary lover.

"Huinesoron's Very Odd Day" ends with Huinesoron and Kaitlyn returning to their previous activities, and the readers finding out that Agent Dafydd Illian had similarly bedded Agent Vemi at HQ.

The story can be found archived here.