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She's a dragon with a Martha Stewart complex. How can you not like that?
Kippur, in her LiveJournal[1]

Verra Rose Troven is an agent in the Department of Improbabilities. She is a dragon, but also has a human form. She is married to Alec Troven, who is, more often than not, her active partner. Together, they have had a son, Braxious, and a daughter, Sari.

"Verra Rose" is a humanized version of her dragon name, Veraroze, which means "she who razes armies with a flame of a thousand fires."[2] For the record, "Braxious" means, "he who brings raining fire from above causing much death and destruction,"[2] while "Sari" means "princess."[3]

Agent Profile[]


In her human form, she has long, caramel-coloured hair in braids, slit-pupiled eyes and pointy ears. Her human body is relatively small, but has greater strength than a regular human. Her dragon form is quite large: although an exact size is never given, her dragon hand is as big as a queen-size mattress.[4]

The transformation between forms is not instantaneous. Occasionally, Verra stays halfway transformed, with wings on the back of her human body and scales covering the skin.


Verra is very dismissive of most species, mainly as a result of the dragons' culture in Kippur's series (currently titled Alternates). She overtly views humans as a food source, and only got along with Agent Honorificus due to the demon's similar opinion of humans.[5] Despite her lust object, she also dislikes most varieties of Elf as well, due to their similarity to the Fey of her home world.

Verra's idea of how do deal with annoying people is to eat them. This is cause for much nervousness among those she meets every day, and much head-desking on the part of Alec. Additionally, she is not above threatening the Flowers That Be with her fire breath. She can also breathe sulfurous gas.[4]

Verra loves to decorate and accessorize. (Partly due to the infamous greed of dragons.) She somehow receives a Better Homes and Gardens subscription in Headquarters. Upon being partnered with her husband, she painted the walls of his RC bright yellow, and changed the console's regular alarm to play Beethoven.


Being a territorial dragon, Verra is extremely dedicated to Alec and her children. However, because her society views sex as a means to procreate, she doesn't mind Alec having boyfriends.[6]

During Alec's punishment involving Marrissa Amber Flores Picard, she had many missions with other agents, with whom she got along professionally, if not particularly friendly. The exception is Lorac Seriph, a fellow Alternates canon, who is also in love with Alec, and wants Verra out of the way. Understandably, they do not get along.

Agent History[]

  • Early: Surprises her husband by joining the PPC, replacing his missing partner.
  • July 5: Verra and Alec help defend Hogwarts Fanfiction Academy.
  • Late: Due to Verra and Alec misbehaving on missions, Alec is punished. The Flowers don't punish Verra because she was behaving canonically for a dragon in Middle-earth, but Alec thinks they're just afraid to anger her.
  • April 14–16: PPC Badfic makes Verra and Lorac think they are in love.
  • April 20: Verra remains missing in the wake of the Sue-wraith possession. Teena summoned her back the next day, but got possessed herself after Verra was exorcised.
  • January 5: Verra goes on maternity leave. Alec is partnered with Marc-C in her absence.
  • June 20: Sari hatches.
  • July 19: Verra eats a Mary Sue who had appeared in badfic with Alec.

Mission Reports[]

Homes: Kippur's site, Miss Cam's site and Alec's LiveJournal

Partnered with Alec[]

Various Partners[]

Verra had several temporary partners (sometimes including Alec again) while Alec was punitively assigned to the Marrissa Picard series.

Journal Entries[]

Entries containing short stories, mentions of missions, or other major events are listed on this page for more convenient reading access.

A drawing, by Kippur, of dragons from Verra's world. Verra's dragon form may look similar.


PPC Badfic[]



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