Veridian Green, usually known as 'Ridian (WITH the apostrophe), is an agent in the Department of Character Protective Services, responsible for protecting the three young male actors of the Chronicles of Narnia films: William Moseley (Peter Pevensie), Skandar Keynes (Edmund Pevensie) and Ben Barnes (Caspian X).

'Ridian is a former stripper and gentleman of negotiable affection from Ankh-Morpork on the Discworld, where he was employed by Mr. Harris of the Blue Cat Club. He stumbled upon the PPC in a curious parallel of the famous wardrobe method: he stepped abruptly backwards through a rack of exotic fur costumes in the wardrobe of the Blue Cat Club and found himself in a strange new land, in this case, PPC HQ.

Other than his former profession, which given he was wearing a spangled green g-string at the time of his initial interview with the Marquis de Sod was a bit hard to deny, little is known of 'Ridian's past, chiefly because he refuses to tell anyone either his real name or his stage name. Both of them, he says, are far too embarrassing to be admitted to. It is known that he has younger siblings, both male and female, and is extremely respectful and courteous to women... an attitude that has got him into trouble in the PPC, where kissing a lady's hand tends to be misinterpreted. He has learnt now to only shake hands.

Missions Logs Edit

Home: Response Centre #45

Pre-Stevius Edit

2008 HST
  • Mission One: 'Menage A Trois' (Real Person Fic), with Agent Iza (DMS)
    • 'Ridian works with Agent Iza to prevent Will Moseley and Ben Barnes from relieving an underage!Skandar of his virginity.

Partnered with Stevius Edit

2009 HST
  • Mission Four: 'First Time' (Real Person Fic)
    • 'Ridian and Stevius prevent Skandar Keynes from unwillingly losing his virginity to Ben Barnes.
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