Agent Vaniela is an assassin in the Department of Mary Sues, Lord of the Rings Division (or possibly Freelance Division). She is partnered with Ilarian, but they go on missions separately. She was written by Vaniela.


Agent Vaniela joined the PPC when she read Agent Ilarian's assignment reports and started reading an especially bad Mary Sue. Needless to say, she didn't hesitate a minute to join and start ridding the world of terrible Sue-things.

Vaniela is very outgoing and extremely talkative. In fact, it is very hard to shut her up. She is incessantly hyper, especially after she's eaten something with even the smallest amount of sugar.

Vaniela has several rather expensive hobbies, which include hanging upside-down on a rope twenty feet off the ground, and balancing on her hands and climbing poles. Her less dangerous side prefers playing violin and dancing ballet. She wants to run away with the circus as soon as she's good enough.

Mission ReportsEdit

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