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Vania Tolluk is an agent in the Department of Floaters, who formerly specialized in video game missions before being partnered with Doc. She is written by doctorlit.

Agent Profile[]


Vania is skinny, stands at 5'3", and has short arms. She has light blue eyes and black hair in a ponytail. She wears black and white pinstripe pants and a double-breasted business jacket.


Vania is curious and impulsive, ready and willing to try new things at the drop of a hat. She likes meeting new people, and can comfortably talk with anyone she's just met; however, she doesn't tend to form close friendships easily. She sometimes fails to think about how her behavior might be received by others, and Vania can often be caught singing in public, or just staring at a wall thinking to herself. When Vania becomes intrigued by a new fandom, she will devour any available source materials in short order, quickly catching up to speed on all facets of the 'verse. She mainly focuses on movies and video games, but is picky about which ones she really likes, based on their stories. She is a more diverse fighter than Doc, being familiar with weapons and items from numerous video game continua, although she only excels with a few. She prefers a straightforward execution of Sues, and will avoid directly fighting them whenever possible.


Vania is a member of Team Best of the Best in the second season of the All-HQ Australian Indoor-Rules Quiddich League, along with team captain Laura Dukes, Rachel Calendar, Cali Still, Cadmar and Mark Sienna.

In the "Catastrophe Theory" series, Vania is a member of the Council of Nine.

Agent Timeline[]

  • Vania is partnered with the newly recruited Doc.
  • May: Vania joins AHAIRQL Team Best of the Best.
  • In a possible future, Vania is part of the Council of Nine that coordinates the Department of Resistance against a Mary Sue occupation.

Mission Logs[]

Home: The Scrawls of doctorlit

Partnered with Doc[]

Alternate Universes[]

  • Agentshipping: "In the Field" (Vania/Doc)
    • Written by Huinesoron, this takes place during Vania's first three missions partnered with Doc.