Valka is an agent in the Department of Bad Slash. She is written by leafeyes.

Agent ProfileEdit


Valka is fairly short, pale skin, straight black hair that goes down to her wings, which are on the large side as ravens go. Unlike her partner, she prefers dresses.


Valka could generally use a bit of self-confidence, which she fortunately finds often enough through the support of others. She can also be fearful at times, but she can overcome such instances if there’s a good reason for her to. Valka is also rather shy, especially when it comes to romance, and blushes at the thought of holding hands with a cute girl.

Valka is fairly athletic, although her lack of confidence shows through here as well. She began flying laps around the Courtyard in her rare free time not long after she found it, but leaves whenever someone comes close enough to see her. She’ll also bring heavy water jugs, but will be sure to leave them in places where they wouldn’t stand out. She’s above average in terms of strength and endurance, but is a bit slower than would be expected of her species.

One of Valka’s biggest insecurities, though, is the fact that she is a shapeshifter. The PPC encounters shapeshifters as Sues far more than as potential agents, so Valka feels like she doesn’t fit in. This is also why she’s slightly more cautious around assassins than agents from other departments. While she hasn’t had any negative encounters because of her species, she still would like it if she could meet other agents like her.


Partnered with ElenaEdit

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