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Valcentica is an RPG set loosely (very loosely) in the Harry Potter continuum. It is notable for being a pit full of Sues and for its near-total separation from Harry Potter canon.

Agents Kitty Callahan and Alec Trevelyan were sent to deal with the canon-destroying monster that it had become, receiving additional, unofficial help from Agents Rena Chang and An-chi Tsai. Eventually it became so insane that the tenuous link to Harry Potter canon finally snapped, rendering it a separate, minor continuum that functions a lot like Potterverse, but not quite. With the removal of the Sues, it is no longer deemed a threat.

Agent Trevelyan has offered some of the less-Sueish students jobs in the PPC if they so choose.

Site Description[]

Valcentica: Not Your Average Harry Potter RP
In the fifteenth century, a castle near Barcelona was sealed off into another dimension to protect wizards from the forces of the Spanish Inquisition. The setup worked out, and even after the Inquisition had long since been disbanded, the castle remained locked away in its parallel world. Over the centuries, the last bastion of Spanish wizards became a boarding school, which reached out to young wizards all over the world. Pure-blood, half-blood, or Muggle-born, it didn't matter. Everyone was invited and welcomed to the school, called Valcentica.
Today, the school is still a haven for those students who wish to attend it. The tolerant atmosphere still exists, and extends beyond magical heritage. Some of the students aren't even human...
But the school has its enemies as well, throwing its ancient motto of 'Harmony and Peace' into peril. Aside from the usual, more banal forces of darkness, various so-called descendants of Voldemort, and the like, the prime piece of interdimensional real estate has drawn other prospective residents, many of whom don't care for the current tenants. Half of the professors have other affiliations than mere education, and the Spanish Ministry of Magic is breathing down the necks of the staff, eager to control the alternate dimension and the resources it contains. And on top of everything, there's a demon horde banging down the gate.
It's just another day in Valcentica...