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The Valar (feminine Valier, singular Vala) are the major gods and goddesses (though those words are not used) of the Tolkienverse. They live in Valinor and are second only to Eru Ilúvatar in power. They are technically Ainur, and differentiated simply by being the fourteen greatest – they used to number fifteen, until Melkor turned evil.

The Valar[]

  • Manwë Súlimo: Lord of the Breath of Arda, husband of Varda. The highest authority in Arda.
  • Varda Elentári: Queen of the Stars, wife of Manwë, named 'Elbereth' by the Eldar.
  • Ulmo: Lord of the Waters, umarried.
  • Nienna: Lady of Mercy, sister of Mandos and Irmo, umarried. Her name means 'she who weeps'.
  • Aulë: the Smith, creator of the Dwarves, wed to Yavanna.
  • Yavanna Kementári: Giver of Fruits, sister of Vána, wife of Aulë.
  • Tulkas: the Warrior, husband of Nessa.
  • Nessa: the Dancer, sister of Oromë and wife of Tulkas.
  • Oromë: the Hunter, brother of Nessa and husband of Vána.
  • Vána: the Ever-Young, younger sister of Yavanna and wife of Oromë.
  • Námo (Mandos): Lord of the Dead, presides over the Halls of Mandos (where the Elves are sent after death). Brother of Irmo and Nienna, husband of Vairë.
  • Vairë: the Weaver, responsible for weaving the history of the world into her tapestries. Wife of Mandos.
  • Irmo (Lórien): Master of Dreams, brother to Mandos and Nienna, married to Estë.
  • Estë: the Gentle, healer of hurts, wife of Irmo.