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Uzumaki Naruto (note that "Naruto" is his given name) is the main character of the eponymous manga and anime series.

In Badfic[]

Naruto is shipped with a lot of characters, including all members of the Konoha 11, his rival Sasuke Uchiha, most of the members of Akatsuki, and fellow jinchūriki Gaara and Killer B. In Yaoi, Naruto is frequently cast as an uke despite it being OOC, while Het ships frequently include character bashing of the opposing love interest. Not merely that, but his looks, heritage, and powers have made him a magnet for Mary Sues of all types.

In fics featuring Gary Stus, Naruto is easily defeated by the Stu's new "Badass" techniques and powers, he then becomes the Stu's new best friend, or becomes jealous, vindictive, and suddenly villainous. The latter is more likely when the Stu goes on to seduce Sakura and Hinata.