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Yet another 14-year-old girl. Wrote a few Sues a long time ago, but worked on improving her writing after figuring out the Suvianness of them. Now she keeps the Sues in her head and out of the fanfic.

Well, unless she decides to write a parody someday. But that's probably better left to better writers.

Has a dragon obsession. Accidentally created the mini-Boarder Huinsoren on her first day. Oops.

Fond of handing people kittens who are some variation of invisible/incorporeal, starting with the nonexistent kitten.


Tabletop role-playing, writing, reading, occasionally watching episodes of things from iTunes or wherever they are hosted. She also reads badfics on occasion; straight or MST'd. (PPC'd too, of course, but that goes without saying.)


Discworld, RWBY, MLP:FIM, Avatar (both series,) Frozen, Star Trek


Agents Alloy and Ginger-Wise are TheShyIon's pair.


None yet.