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Teddy Leach is a blogger who has had the dubious pleasure of sporking My Immortal and reading just about every Legendary Badfic. Yes, including that one. He does not yet have Permission, but hopes to gain it in due course. He is also a prolific user of TVTropes, but he advises you not to click that link. He is also a photographer.

Wiki-magic scares him.

Beta Reading[]

Teddy is perfectly happy to engage in beta-reading, although it would be a good idea if your fic is part of a fandom that he knows (just see the infobox, or ask). Do be warned though, that he can be a pedantic old fart from time to time.


If you want to contact Teddy, you can either leave him a message on the Board, or send him an email though his contact page. Sending an email is probably preferable, as there is no guarantee that he will see a message on the Board.