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As of 2015 (Good lord, how is it 2015?) Techno-Dann is pretending to be an adult with a college degree and a "real job". They're a software engineer and an amateur circus aerialist. They still write, mostly short fiction, and always enjoy talking about themself in the third person.

The PPC[]

Techno-Dann has been a member of the PPC since late 2003 and a permission giver since... well, honestly, they've forgotten. At least since 2008, when the Permission Giver article was created. They were one of the first writers for The Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology, but haven't touched it in many years. They've given their various characters and ideas to the community.

Since 2013, Techno-Dann has been the admin on the PPC_Lounge


Dann has some of their work up on Write On, which has also been their day job for the last few years.


Dann can be hard to get in touch with. They apologize. Here's a list of suggestions:

The PPC Lounge: Dann is in the IRC most evenings Seattle time.

E-mail (or instant messaging): Techno (dot) Dann (at) gmail

The Board: Page Dann in a post title

Their talk page is not recommended.