Sedri joined the PPC in late 2007. She created for Agents Sedri, Ketay, and Iza, and has handed the latter over to Trojie and Pads.

With regard to formatting, spelling, punctuating and so forth, Sedri uses a mix of British and American conventions in her work, in part because no country seems to agree with itself, let alone others, and in part because some conventions make no sense whatsoever and only serve to make things more confusing. If you ask her to beta-read for you, she will do her best to follow whatever standardised convention you prefer, but this is the reason she prefers to beta for style than SPaG.

When greeting newbies, she tends to give out Capillary Towels, since it was she and Trojie who came up with the idea, and she's rather fond of them.

She also finds it hillarious to be writing in the third person like this.

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Sedri's missions can be found on DreamWidth.

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