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Hey there! Welcome to my poorly described about-me page!

I discovered the PPC in early 2011 and loved the concept, so I lurked around, read TOS, and finally started posting in early November.

My primary agent, Gaspard De Grasse, is currently working in the Department of Intelligence and his mother and father work in Medical and FicPsych, respectively. I also chronicle the (mis)adventures of one Gallifreyan Guardsman, a peace-loving geth, and a sharpshooting quarian. Er, well, I plan to, anyways. Oh yeah, and something about the end of the PPC as we know it. Sorta. Kinda. Ish.

Missions and interludes coming along as fast as procrastination allows!


Intel report #1: "My Dangerous Powers." Where heroes are turned into CAFs for no good reason and OP Sues have pointless adventures.

Intel report #2: "sarah in aperture." Trapped in a trollfic with nothing to do... except snark the living daylights out of the fic, of course.

Intel report #3: "Thunder Run." A trip to an otherwise idyllic verse goes horribly, horribly wrong.

Interlude 1: "Another day, another badfic." It's just another day for Angus MacFarlane in the PPC.

Mini-series: "(Un)Intellingence: Tales from inside the DoI"

Interlude 2: "Headlock." Wherein Gaspard makes himself feel bad.

Triple Prime: SeaTurtle's Sundering[]

Prologue: "Entanglement"

Upcoming stuff[]

New episode of (Un)Intelligence

DIA: Special Response Case File #1: "Headhumpers"

Triple Prime: "After the End" The Sundering has come and gone. A veteran tells her story to her grandchildren...