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Sara discovered the PPC in early 2006. After lurking (well, stumbling) around the Board for a few months, she officially joined and created Agent Zach Homewood and Agent Sara Knight. Zach and Sara are willing to tag along with any lone agent in need of a temporary partner for a particularly bad 'fic.

Sara has a passion for dance and all things tea.

Other Stuff[]

In the radio dramatizations of Huinesoron's PPC Playscripte, Sara voices Agent Alex Orange and some minor characters.

Sara is also the co-author of OFUMREDURE. Check it out here.


Agents Zach, Sara, and July MSTed a bad poem here on March 10th, 2008.

A small 'fic caused many headaches and a new weapon was obtained here.

Moria was saved from noncanonical vampires here.