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This user, frequently nicknamed 'Ril' for the sake of convenience, is the creator of Agents Cavan Shenn and Rilwen Shadowflame—yes, she shares the name, owing to some matters involving naming her first online account in a certain forum to fit the character she was playing and has since refined, and the realisation that she'd become so known in that persona that it would be much easier to keep using it if she wanted friends to recognise her in other areas of the net. In short, she is named after the character, not the other way around.

An exceedingly irritable Australian, this user suffers fools poorly, and is generally in a state of seething rage for one reason or another. This is probably not good for her.

Her agents are:

And a number of others. All will eventually have pages of their own, but she will feature them in her own time, write her pages in her own time, and will probably eviscerate anyone who tries to preempt her on this again.