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PoorCynic (or PC, if you wish to be informal) is a freelance cinematographer, video editor, and aspiring author. He came to the PPC in April of 2010 looking to improve his writing skills and skewer a few badfics.

As of December 2012. PoorCynic is no longer an active member in the PPC... but as of September 2013, he has returned. PC is also a permission giver as of 2015.

About PoorCynic[]

When he isn't busy with his film projects or working on his writing, PC is usually sculling the internet looking for something shiny to catch his eye. His fanfic recommendation page may be found here.



PoorCynic's agents include:

If you wish to use any of them in your own PPC works, please ask permission first.

Beta Information[]

PoorCynic is available as a beta-reader. He specializes in the following fandoms, but is also willing to check SPaG and dialogue structure of any text. Send him an email at poor cynic AT me DOT com (editing in symbols where appropriate), or leave him a message on his talk page. Response times may vary.

  • Adventure Time
  • Arrow (strongest with first two seasons)
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra (cartoon show)
  • Burn Notice
  • Castle
  • Diniverse cartoons (BTAS, STAS, Justice League, etc.)
  • Discworld
  • Doctor Who
  • Dragon Age (entire video games series, some of the add-ons)
  • Fallout (most of series; strongest with 3 and New Vegas)
  • Firefly
  • House
  • Kim Possible
  • Kingdom Hearts (I, CoM, II, 358/2)
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Mass Effect
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • NCIS
  • Ratchet and Clank
  • Red vs Blue
  • Sandman (graphic novels)
  • Scott Pilgrim (graphic novels and film)
  • Sherlock Holmes (books and film; slight knowledge of TV shows)
  • Teen Titans (cartoon show)
  • X-Files
  • Young Justice (cartoon show)
  • Many other television and cartoon shows; ask for specifics


PoorCynic has recently started holding workshop/rant/things on the Board. The text from these posts can also be found on his blog.