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Miah is a stay at home mom with a husband and three boys, currently five, twelve, and fourteen years old. The humans at Miah's house are owned by two rats--Amora and Natasha, two box turtles--Lucky Lightening and Foxy Boxy, and three cats--Monty, Sackcloth, and Ashes. She homeschools the little boy, and writes whenever she gets a chance. She's never sold anything, but she keeps trying. (Technically she has sold this, but the fee was at the symbolic rather than significant level.) She has an Associate's of Science degree in Electronics Engineering Technology, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Rehabilitation Science with emphasis in Social Services and Child Welfare. She found the PPC on January 31st, 2010, and joined the board the next day. She received Permission on February 23rd, 2010.


Miah writes for Agents Miah Arthur and Cali Still in the Department of Mary Sues, Freelance Division. She also has Castor, the winged mad scientist in kitten form that Agent Eileen gave to Miah and Cali. there is a menagerie of other minis, and the "NCIS Mini Adoption Center". They all live in The Lair--RC 4096. The NMAC adjoins The Lair. Prominently featured minis in Miah and Cali's stories include a foul mouthed, Irish accented, folk song humming NCIS mini McGee named Magee that agents Allison and Tasmin caught in one of their missions. More recently, Agents Lee and Ian delivered a mini Abby named Abbey. The NCIS mini collection has grown into the NCIS Mini Adoption Agency and includes all currently unadopted NCIS minis. Hauk'Tauri and Lt. Col. Samatha Cater, both mini-Unas, who built a nest together and produced three baby mini-Unas. Ronan also seems to be a permanent fixture, even though his placement was originally supposed to be temporary.

In their second mission, Cali rescued four children from a fic that had to be set on fire to defeat the massive glitter content. The children and all residents of The Lair spent some time in Medical being de-glittered. Cali and the children were released from Medical the day of the all HQ water fight. Cali and the three older children had an interesting trip to the Nursery (the Medical staff opted to keep the baby, Helen, out of the line of fire). The children were all given Cali's last name for a middle name and the last name of the the creator of NCIS (their home continuum) for a last name. They are Hannah Still Bellisario, Kyle Still Ballisario, Kevin Still Bellisario, and Helen Still Bellisario

Miah also writes for Agent David Kelok, a Stargate Atlantis Wraith who started life as a Todd replacement character, dubbed Not!Todd by Agents Miah and Cali in their first mission. He spent some time in FicPsych after his rescue, but was eventually partnered with his FicPsych roommate, Unger, a D&D half-elf. They are now in the All-Purpose Department, Sherlock Holmes Division. They live in RC 1729, sometimes called The Fire Pit due to the special flame proofing it received to cope with Unger's pyromania. They provide bacon for Khazad Dym, a mini-Balrog, and Homles, a mini-Hound of the Baskervilles. They have recruited Agent Arthur who now belongs to Bronwyn, and David (David Stewart Wheatley) who is now written by LunarHuntress. Some of the more memorable things they have encountered include; anthropomorphic button creatures, a slug-like author phantom manifestation, and highly implausible attack turtles.