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Lily Winterwood discovered fanfiction in fifth grade, when she was doing a report on J.K. Rowling. She promptly became a fanwriter, writing for the computer hard drive and dreaming of online glory as a wonderful writer. These were delusions at first. Like every other fanwriter, she started out with badfic.

In sixth grade, she came across Miss Cam's Official Fanfiction University of Middle-earth. The website also had a link to TOS, and from there Lily fell down a rabbit hole of Sue sporking into the PPC.

Lily joined the Board sometime in June 2008. If you catch her on the Board, she gives lemming repellent to newbies and occasionally draws stuff.

Notable Fics[]

Lily dipped out of the PPC in 2014 due to interest in other fandoms, and in her absence she has written:

You can read the rest of her works at Archive of Our Own.

CPI Writings[]


Lily does not have the same amount of mission writing as many others, but she has put some work into the worldbuilding of the PPC, including:


In the footsteps of her first introduction to the CPI and long-time friend Miss Cam, Lily has also penned a couple OFUs:

While Lily did cut her teeth on mocking Mary Sues and bad crossovers, she no longer wants to start internet drama by getting publicly annoyed by specific, named bad fanfiction. Her return to writing for the PPC is solely for interludes, backstories, and worldbuilding. She is open to RPs (and Badfic Games events) on the Board or Discord; please find her on the PPC Discord if you are interested.