PPC Wiki

Hi everyone, I'm LadyChampion! I am a college student (history major), feminist, wannabe pagan, and self-identified lazy nerd. I currently live in North Carolina with my wonderful family, an orange cat named Fred, and a rescue poodle named Sophie. The most important things that I like (there are a lot) are reading, writing, good music, and people doing their research.

In addition to my agents, I'm responsible for these characters:

  • Trainee Miguel Correa, rescued from my first mission
  • Diane Correa, his mother, who works in the Nursery
  • Violet Rose Greenfield, whom I received from SkarmorySilver in exchange for...
  • Brenda, Miguel's friend. Feel free to use her so long as I get proper credit for rescuing her.

During the semester, I generally respond to emails (diamondcloud@gmail.com) on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. During breaks, I have no set schedule.

Oh, and I'm a Big Sib in House Kind Words and a Two-by-Four, at least according to James Shields.

Besides PPC-related things, my two biggest pet projects are "Be What Tomorrow Needs," a Pokémon Pearl Nuzlocke, and "Reshape the Past," a Pokémon FireRed Nuzlocke. Please read and comment on them if you have the time! :D

My coat of arms, drawn by Huinesoron