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Kittyauthor is a Genderfluid person who loves writing and listening to music. They are currently inbetween high school (having graduated the 14th of May) and college (which doesn't start until August) and, thus, overly active. They are currently working on missions and on their AU of the PPC: CPP. They also tend to give out free hugs.


Where does one start? Well, Kittyauthor had gotten into fanfic (REALLY got into) around October/November 2019 and began, at first, just reading any fanfic they could find. This eventually warped into finding ... slightly worse fic during Thanksgiving break evening until 11pm at night for whatever reason. After a while of looking up a topic, they eventually ran into the PPC wiki discussing that topic and shifted their interests over into reading anything and everything PPC on the wiki. The entire idea of writing agents who tackle Mary Sues interested them greatly; they came up with the beginnings of O'Ryan Keys and Kittyauthor while wiki-diving. They, eventually joined the Discord server first, then joined the Board.

They took a while to get Permission but eventually did June 6th, 2020. On July 30th of that same year, they published their first mission (which they regret). Still active today, they can mostly be found lurking at random times during the day due to not being in school (but being in a school play).