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I am KittyNoodles. Though you are forbidden to ask why I am KittyNoodles, know that the reason is pudding. Yes, pudding made me call myself KittyNoodles. Do not ask how or why.

I can be slightly...competitive about things such as Top Ramen versus Maruchan; Coca-Cola versus Pepsi; and the western Zodiac in general. Scorpios only eat Top Ramen and drink nothing but Coke (and water, to stave off dehydration); such is the manner by which the universe marks those destined to rule it.

Also, do not mess with any of the Disney heroines or the works of Tamora Pierce or Tolkien, or I will end you.

Sin'dorei are lovely in the Fall, by the way. Especially the ones with red hair. Yum.

Yes, I am bloody rambling. What will yooou be doing about it, hmm?

Basic Information[]


  • Birth: November 16, 1993
  • Death: TBA
  • Graduation from Junior High: No data; went to a cruddy junior high/high school that "passed eighth grade students on" to ninth grade, left school after finishing the eighth grade.
  • Graduation from High School: June 15, 2012. Class of the Apocalypse for the win. -snicker-

Physical Info[]

  • Height: 5'4" (or 162.56 cm)
  • Weight: NEVER ASK A WOMAN HER WEIGHT. (It's 116 lbs.)
  • Hair: Brownish blonde. Or blondish brown. I don't know. Predominantly darkish.
  • Eyes: Blue. No, green. Uhm, hazel?
  • Build: Lanky. Slightly muscled due to a newfound love of doggy-paddling, but I won't win any fights. Except tickle fights.


Some black-and-white oddness.

  • Writing freeverse poetry
  • Reading
  • Listening to music
  • Singing
  • Watching movies
  • Sleeping
  • Chocolate
  • Cute fluffy things
  • Fluffy cute things
  • Making lists
  • Beets


  • Math
  • Science that does not involve biology
  • Having to literally break a sweat
  • That stinging you get in your eyes the morning after a long bout of much-needed bawling
  • Having my interests insulted while I am enjoying them (i.e., having someone stand over me and make rude comments about the book I am reading at that exact moment.)
  • Mary Sues
  • Marty Stus
  • The word "verily"
  • Internet trolls
  • People who believe the fist is greater than the voice
  • Celery


  • Heights
  • Medical needles - specifically, getting injections
  • Tireswings. I'm not joking. I don't do tireswings. Typing the word makes me go cold.
  • Anything related to tireswings (punching bags, tetherballs, heavy-looking windchimes...)
  • Spiders jumping on my face


  • Star Signs: Scorpio (western zodiac); Water Rooster (eastern zodiac)
  • Favorite Colors: Red, white, black, and silver
  • Favorite Healthy Food: Beets
  • Favorite Junk Food: McDonald's French fries
  • Favorite Drink: Coca-Cola and water

Some More Detailed Notes and Observations[]

If you haven't been able to guess by this point, I am highly obsessed with- and defensive protective of the Sin'dorei. Highly. To the point that they are my main reason for initially deciding the Horde had more going for them. The trolls and the tauren also have my profound respect, and these three combined are why I continue to maintain a somewhat indulgent attitude towards the Horde.

Not that I don't like the Alliance - far more personable persons there, if you ask me. But most of the Alliance also haven't been treated like plagues, so the Horde isn't entirely to blame for their "GRAHR KILL ALL ALLIANCE BURN ALL CITIES" tendency. But, the Alliance have the draenei, the Kal'dorei, and the worgen, so they aren't all bad.

Yes, I do indeed have a soft spot for peaceful, rational creatures who are perfectly able and willing to pick up a big hammer/sword/axe and bash skulls if the need should arise. I also possess a maternal streak geared towards arrogant bastards who have recently had the haughty kicked out of them. And neither of these have anything to do with my obsession with long-haired men who do not act like women. Not at all.

Although it is rather charming when a man can go out, kill a bunch of demons, come back and indulge in a bubble bath and braid his hair without batting an eyelash. Just saying.

Varian and Garrosh annoy me. Greatly. As one fanfiction author (who has sadly deleted their account) once said, "Yes, I would very much like to sit Garrosh in a corner and tell him to calm the hell down. Maybe we could stick him in a Barbi Jeep, let him putter around Orgrimmar so the big people get talk in peace. And Varian needs some sort of psychologist or something - maybe a therapist who can say, 'Okay, now let's sit down and come up with a list of constructive things to do when we are upset about the past - other than grabbing your sword and making war on the Horde.'"

And yes, I do play with accents a lot in Real Life. On the Internet, this usually manifests as using a wide variety of idioms and exclamations from all over the world. I like to call it parroting. I also like to giggle at the idea that this may confuse people as to my ethnicity. Tee-hee.

I do so enjoy derailing arguments by spouting nonsense just as the disagreement starts to spike. The reactions very rarely disappoint me.

Yes, I am highly protective of my characters, Eroeda Daywalker and Roahega the dragonhawk. They are my babies. If you hurt them or insult them, I will end you.

Proof of My Picture Obsession[]