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Huinesoron is the prolific PPC author responsible for the creation of DOGA, the DW, the DoDAEG, Finance, the DIS, DES and DIO... and probably others too. At last count he had created or adopted 288 PPC characters, and that number is only going up. He is also the chronicler of most of the big events in PPC history, and in several alternate PPCs besides.

He also occasionally borrows Jay Thorntree and Acacia Byrd, but claims absolutely no right to or responsibility for them.

Huinesoron is one of the PPC's ancientbies, having been sticking his nose into every part of the organisation since 2003. He is married to Kaitlyn, Ancientest of Ancientbies.

Dead Links[]

Huinesoron has recently (Feb 2022) suffered a partial loss of his published PPC writings. Most of them have been restored, but the links have not necessarily been updated. If you find a dead link that should go to a hS story, please drop a note here or on the Board.

PPC Writings[]

All of Huinesoron's PPC writings can be found on Huinesoron's Webplex, usually in the PPC section.

Featured Agents[]

These agent pages have been brought up to Featured standards at one time or another, though many of them have drifted out of date since.

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The Webplex PPC Missions page collects the following PPC mission spinoffs:


The Webplex PPC Histories page collects most of the large-scale histories written for the PPC:

Other PPC Stories[]

The Webplex's Other PPC Stories page collects other PPC fiction, mostly related to the agents from the Missions and Histories:

Other Creations[]

The Webplex] contains many more sections dedicated to other PPC-related writings and projects.

Alternate PPCs


Other Creations[]

In no particular order...


You can usually find Huinesoron floating around The Board. He has a long-term allergy to chatrooms, so doesn't show up in the PPC Lounge.