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Huinesoron is the fool responsible for the creation of DOGA, the DW, the DIS, DES and DIO, and several dozen agents in various departments. He is the primary reporter of the DOGA, DW and DIO missions, and is also the chronicler of the events of the Reorganisation and Crashing Down. And... well, y'know, keep reading.

Current Activity Edit

Huinesoron is currently engaged in Huinesoron's Great Read-Through. This will involve reading each page on the Webplex, correcting errors, updating anything which needs it - and adding it to the Wiki where needed as a reference or link. So that's going to take a while.

Agents Edit

Huinesoron has what have been described as 'one heck of a lot of agents'.

(*) indicates a completed page
(s) indicates a stub, or other page which needs serious work
(t) indicates a page which is outdated
Note that the marking system itself is outdated. The following mark is not, however:
(f) indicates a page which has been worked up to complete & fully referenced during the Great Read-Through.

Agents are also marked by their status (active/retired/deceased/etc), their previous department (if they are better known there) and, where appropriate, their original author.

Action Departments Edit

Department of Geographical Aberrations Edit

Department of Mary-Sues Edit

Department of Bad Slash Edit

Department of WhatThe Edit

Disturbing Acts of Violence Department Edit

Department of Out of Character Hobbits Edit

Department of Character Protective Services Edit

Infrastructure Departments Edit

Department of Operations Edit

Nursery Edit
Building Maintenance Edit

Medical Department Edit

Department of Finance Edit

Department of Intelligence Edit

Security Departments Edit

Department of Internal Operations Edit

Department of Internal Affairs Edit

Department of External Security Edit

Department of Internal Security /Black Cats Edit

Purloined Agents Edit

Quite a few agents on the above lists have been adopted under vaguely suspicious circumstances, either because they are key characters in their departments, or because they have appeared in stories with one or more of Huinesoron's other agents. Should the original authors return, Huinesoron will quite happily return them, undamaged and in no more than three pieces.

He also occasionally uses Jay Thorntree and Acacia Byrd, but claims absolutely no right to or responsibility for them.

Stories Edit

The Histories Edit

The MissionsEdit

Huinesoron's Agents page contains links to the chronicled missions of:

Alternate TimelinesEdit

PPC SundriesEdit

In no particular order:

Non-PPC StoriesEdit

  • Huinesoron is currently working on a reboot of the Official Fanfiction University of the Discworld.
  • This will also involve rebooting his own trans-dimensional organisation, ISpace.

Other MaterialEdit

In no particular order...

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