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Guvnor of Space is a board member and author of fanficiton. Currently, he has several missions and interludes written starring agents Thomas Greenwall and Orken 7861 He is a college freshman, and working towards a double degree in history and computer science. His interests include the various Stargate series, Star Wars, Animorphs and the Velvet Revolution of Czechoslovakia. He thinks the Cold War in general is pretty freaking cool, actually. He hopes to one day get around to writing an essay comparing the Yeerks to the Nazis, or possibly the Communist regimes of Eastern Europe. (Fifties Stalinist Romania or Hungary, specifically.) He is also an Eagle Scout, and an Assistant Scoutmaster in a local Boy Scout troop.

He has never published an suefic or badfic to the web, although he will admit the fic he has published is probably mediocre, and filled with typos. Back when he was twelve, he did write one badfic, which is where Orken was recruited from. However, it was hand-written, and mercifully, lost to the ages.

UPDATE: I'm back, more or less (4/10/13). And spammers have found the above listed email address. I still use it anyway.

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Fun/boring facts about Guvnor of Space:

  • As can be surmised from his email address, his real name is Kevin. You only get to know his last name if you are skype friends with him.
  • I am twenty-one
  • I attend the University at Buffalo (UB)
  • I love coffee falvored things, such as ice cream and yogurt
  • I like making lists about myself