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Fish Custard is a slightly mad, sci-fi/anime obsessed geek who is rightly proud of his nerdiness.

He is responsible for Agent Fisherman and Agent Evie, who are members of the Department of Floaters, Special Operations Division.

Due to real-life temporal pressures, he doesn't get a chance to keep up with events in on the Board as much as he likes. He will, however, gladly respond to prods delivered in the form of an email.

While he has a great love of fanfiction (and any kind of fiction, for that matter), he hasn't written very much, mostly due to the fact that he's too busy reading other people's!

For some unknown reason, he is quite proud of the fact that he was able to read through "My Immortal" in its entirety. It is up to the reader to make their own judgement on what this says about his sanity.