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Elcalion has recently returned from a year or so of lurking, thanks to full time work getting in the way. He is mainly responsible for ESAS and its agents, but has contributed to various random things around the place as well, such as the still-incomplete Les Misérables Songfic Crisis, and the PPC Mongoose Shelter. He isn't very good at writing in the third person, either.

He normally gives out platters of chocolate-covered profiteroles, hogsheads of Bleeprum and pet mongeese, available from the Shelter as newbie gifts.


Elcalion writes or has written (or is planning to write) missions or material for the following agents:

Thus far, only Logan, Entropy and Kern have appeared in missions, although Riboflavin, Libel and Slander have been used in various Fill the Plotholes and Multiverse Monitor articles.

Elcalion created the Echinacea and the Medical Research Division for an article of the Multiverse Monitor, as a one-shot joke, and takes no responsibility nor credit for their later acceptance into mainstream PPC canon.