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This is pretty much here for me to keep track of any characters I make who aren't important enough to warrant a full article in the main Wiki space, but have more info than belongs on the Glossary of PPC Characters.

Canon Characters[]

Paul was Vania Tolluk's original partner, mentioned in "May or May Not Be Non-Inflammable."

Séverine and Yoof are a pair of Cafeteria Workers, usually charged with searching the worlds for meals and ingredients, rather than doing the actual cooking. They prefer to remain in HQ and loot unattended RCs, however. Séverine is a French-speaking black woman from New Caledonia, while Yoof is a mog, from Spaceballs.

Neither of them get along well with Fr'sst, the current kitchen cat, and spiritual successor to Hawkelf's character M'rrahr. Fr'sst is a cantankerous tomcat, aggressive and suspicious of mostly anyone in his territory. He is missing the foreleg on his left side, a casualty sustained during the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion. (I'm not sure how yet. Might write it later.) All three appear in "Too Hot to Tot."

AU Characters[]

Transfictional Canonical Defence Authority[]

This is a steampunk AU started by Pieguy here. Alternate versions of Doc and Vania exist in it.

"Bad Future" AU[]

Arvin and Voctor Kamras exist in an alternate future of the PPC. Previously, Arvin was studying magic on Dominaria, and Voctor had served on the Death Star. They are now technicians for DoSAT in the former headquarters of the Men in Black.

Mission Accomplishments[]

"May or May Not Be Non-Inflammable"[]

  • canon: Fahrenheit 451
  • badfic: "My own match" by Pele the Goddess
  • enemies: Fraya was a Mary Sue, and Uncle Mo her sidekick. Fraya was assassinated (in dummy form) by the Mechanical Hound, and Mo was dropped into the Big Flue. Mo may have been intended to be Guy Montag himself, but the fic is too unfinished to tell.
  • rescues: Miss MacKinnon is currently working in the Nursery and can be used freely. She was originally the head matron of an orphanage, named Mistress Mujhort. Her new name follows the trend in canon of main characters having names related to pencil and paper companies; hers is a pen manufacturer. She has a love for the color pink, thanks to the badfic's description of her orphanage.
  • items: The Dicionary, distributed by DoSAT.

"The Adventure of the Misplaced Musical Miscreant"[]