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This is Zingenmir's page! Zingenmir was called DawnFire until January 2017, when she decided it was high time for a change. The phrase zingen mir is Yiddish, and has the literal meaning "we sing" or "we are singing." Unsurprisingly, Zingenmir is very fond of both Yiddish and music, and sings quite a bit.

Zingenmir became a Boarder on January 13, 2013, and got Permission in March of the same year. She is also a Permission Giver as of March 2017. For a list of her stories, see the end of this page.

Zingenmir's Plort persona is Baron Eshakhar. Her wiki page and arms can be found here.

Zingenmir's list of fanfiction recommendations can be found here. Check back every once in a while—it grows.

The PPC[]


Zingenmir discovered the PPC in 2008 or 2009 (possibly via OFUM), but didn't know that the Board was still so incredibly active until late 2012. The PPC and to the Canon Protection Initiative in general were very helpful in her early development as a writer. Because of them, she learned about Mary Sues, common story plots, how to write good fanfiction, how to writing interesting characters and stories, hallmarks of good writing, and probably a lot more.

Interestingly enough, it was a Mary Sue parody fic that made her look them up again. She wanted to ask the possible three active Boarders for permission to confuse some PPC agents in an outtake. Instead, she found a community about a hundred strong, and some new friends.

Current Involvement[]

Zingenmir is one of the on-again, off-again Boarders, as dictated mainly by such things as her offline schedule. She gets into things like the Badfic Games, the Shipfic Fest, and April Fool's Day, and also runs a semi-annual Purim RP on the Board. She has released more co-written stories than anything else, but hopefully that will eventually change!

For a list of stories, see below.


Other Projects[]


Zingenmir discovered Deleterius around the same time as finding the PPC, and spent rather a lot of time there reading (and, occasionally, commenting under the screenname Brightshadow). She has since launched a project to archive the dissolved community, which can be found here. If you have any material you want linked or reposted, let her know.

Avengers/Marvel Cinematic Universe OFU[]

Zingenmir is also writing an OFU for the Avengers 'verse together with the wonderful Karen DuLay. It's been in progress for a while, but will hopefully near publication in the next few years! Its current iteration (it went through a major change or three) is pretty cool. It's also the thing that first brought the two authors together as friends, which might make it even cooler depending on your viewpoint.


Zingenmir has an account at Archive of Our Own. It currently mainly hosts backup copies of some of her PPC work, but there's also some fanfiction there.

Zingenmir also has an account on Fanfiction.net, which can be found here. Most of the stories there were written in 2009 (which isn't to say they're bad, just that they're older and a bit different in style). None are currently being updated, though that may eventually change.








Ten Years Hence[]

April Fool's Day[]

2013 Blackout[]

Continuity Council[]

Purim RP[]


  • "Exposé" part 1, part 2 (alternate link)
    • In which Rita Skeeter (or a replacement who contrived to keep the name) is working for the Multiverse Monitor and has interviewed Jacques in 2018. Part 1 contains excerpts from her interview; part 2 reveals the final two excerpts from Jacques' perspective as they happened.
  • "Far Out"
    • Young Wizards AU, prequel to "Gambit." In which wizards Jacques and Dawn meet for the first time, and work together despite beginning to clash.
  • "Gambit" - T-rated (violence and description/discussion thereof)
    • Young Wizards AU. In which wizards Jacques Bonnefoy and Dawn McKenna face off against the Lone Power.


Author's Favorites[]

  • "Cale Sèche" with Iximaz and SeaTurtle
    • Wherein three Time Lords, a geth, and a quarian go to repair a TARDIS. It seems to be going well, until angry words are exchanged. Then the whole thing spirals out of control.
    • Characters: The Reader, Rina Dives, the Guardsman, Naya, Terabyte
  • "Long View" with Desdendelle
    • In which the Reader and the Librarian go for a walk after a Continuity Council meeting.
    • Characters: The Reader, the Librarian
  • "What'll I Do"
    • Dawn turns to one of her oldest friends for advice.
    • Characters: Dawn McKenna, T'Zar, Abaddon. Set in March 2017.
  • "My Perfect Life," or "When I grow up I wanna be famous…" (April Fool's Day 2017. Rated T)
    • An Arrowverse mission from an unusual perspective. Please read the content warning at the beginning.

Timeline (with links)[]

Under construction, I'm afraid. It's going to be cool, though! And probably wind up on its own page, once it's done, given it's likely going to double the length of this page. (And yes, this is something I started ages ago, back when hS put up his SorTable. Projects move slooowly sometimes.)

Some dates are approximate, so as to keep stories in chronological order; see the top of each story for precise details.

All stories in timeline format, because Timelines Are Cool
Date Set Date Posted Story


Characters Co-Author(s)
2008/03 2014/04/01 T'Zar's Reassignment Part 2 Abaddon meets his new partner for the first time, and T’Zar is reintroduced. Abaddon, T'Zar
2009/10 2018/05/04 That Blessed Arrangement That blessed arrangement, that dream within a dream...Humanity’s take on marriage is incomprehensible as ever. (Coda set in 2016.) Dawn McKenna, T'Zar
2013/04/01 2013/04/22 The 'Verses Aim To Misbehave The story of how a Boarder ended up in HQ and Gotham's lampposts went missing (among other things). (Blackout interlude, WiP. Set April 1-4, first part posted April 3.) Dawn McKenna, DawnFire, canon characters
2015/05 2015/06/24 Completely Mistaken Rina and the Reader have a chance encounter in the hallways, and find out that their teams have been paired up to tackle a bad crossover. Dramedy ensues. Kozar, the Reader, Rina Dives, Zeb Iximaz
2015/05 2015/08/20 A Chance Encounter In which the Reader discovers that she was completely mistaken about an old friend. (Spoilers for "Little Miss Mary"; set during "Completely Mistaken". Released after "Picking Up the Pieces" and "Snippets of Gallifrey.") The Reader, Rina Dives Iximaz
2015/07 2015/08/14 Nothing Short of a God Kozar, the Reader, Rina, and Zeb don mutant disguises to tackle a Twilight/X-Men mission. Kozar, the Reader, Rina Dives, Zeb Iximaz
2015/07 2015/07 Of Guilty Pleasures and Utter Tripe Kozar calls in his ex-partner and two canon experts for a crossover between two of the worst works defended by the PPC. Dawn McKenna, Kala Jeng, Kozar, the Reader, Valon Vance Voyd
2015/07/19 2015/07/19 Cale Sèche Wherein three Time Lords, a geth, and a quarian go to repair a TARDIS. It seems to be going well, until angry words are exchanged. Then the whole thing spirals out of control. The Guardsman, Naya'Keegan vas Headquarters, the Reader, Rina Dives, Terabyte Iximaz, SeaTurtle
2015/07/22 2015/07/22 Happy Idiot Talk Dawn meets Des at Rudi's. They share several cups of tea and a long conversation. Dawn McKenna, Desdendelle Desdendelle
2015/08/26 2015/10/05 A Temporary Arrangement Dawn is temporarily partnered with Zeb. Dawn McKenna, Zeb Iximaz
2015/09/15 2017/02/15 Spring Cleaning Dawn and her temporary partner Zeb get a Harry Potter harem fic that leaves them wishing for brain bleach. (NSFW/B) Dawn McKenna, Zeb Iximaz
2015/09/18 2015/09/18 Brink In which an alien arrives in HQ, and absolutely nobody is prepared for it. (Set after Little Miss Mary and everything involving Rina Dives and the Reader.) Alex Dives, the Aviator, the Guardsman, Naya, the Reader, Terabyte Iximaz, SeaTurtle
2015/09/19 2015/12/19 Prime Mover Desdendelle, the Librarian, the Reader, and Kozar get a co-op mission that drives everyone up the wall. Desdendelle, Kozar, the Librarian, the Reader Desdendelle
2015/09/24 2017/08/05 Baby Elf, Ent-queen The Aviator returns, and Zeb and Dawn go on their last recorded mission together as partners. The Aviator, Dawn McKenna, Lainduilien, Zeb Iximaz
2015/10 2015/12/05 Fishing For Competence There's something fishy going on with Rose Tyler, and Dawn teams up with a Time Lady and a children's television presenter to sort it out. Dawn McKenna, the Notary, Wobbles the Clown Scapegrace
2017/08/15 2017/08/15 Darkest Fears What haunts the immortal? Bad dreams send Jacques Bonnefoy running to his family. Jacques Bonnefoy, Owain Sato, Ruby Sato, Seren Sato
2016/06/10 2016/06/10 Babies, Babies Everywhere The Aviator and Zeb call in Dawn for help when food poisoning and mass magical pregnancy become too much for them. The Aviator, Dawn McKenna, Zeb Iximaz
2017/04/25 2019/08/13 Do-Si-Do Abaddon has been caught in the power of a Stu; T’Zar must save him, with the help of a well-known Vulcan ability. Abaddon, Ancel, Dawn McKenna, T'Zar
2017/04/03 2018/09/01 Exacting Perfection The Reader puts her skills to the test as she attempts to create a suitable gift for Naya. Kozar, the Reader
2017/03 2017/06/28 What'll I Do Dawn turns to one of her oldest friends for advice. Abaddon, Dawn McKenna, T'Zar
2018/03/26 2018/03/26 It's Cold Outside Percy Jackson goddess in Narnia gets Jacques Bonnefoy sent on a mission with Ix Saibhir and Charlotte Webb. Overnight. In the cold. With just one tent to share. Charlotte Webb, Ix Saibhir, Jacques Bonnefoy Iximaz
2018/05 2018/05/02 The Earther Spirits are bad at staying put in Sto-vo-kor. Kozar dreams of an old friend. Allison Brown, Kozar
2019 2018/01/11 Shadows of Regret Two Elves of HQ make new decisions. Gurnirel, Naergondir