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Nifar Data Junkie, who is in no way that arrogant jerk Nifar, is a rather friendly and jovial fellow, with a slight tendency towards arguing for fun. They have been praised for having a rapier wit at times, and chastised for being "about as subtle and tactless as what the Yanks did to Hiroshima" at others, so one shouldn't be terribly surprised if they start snarking in one's general direction, or mocking one. That brings up another point, Data is fond of banter and generally mockery, and usually means nothing by it. If they're actually bothering you, let them know and they'll stop. Usually.

They, unlike many of the other boarders, does not write much fanfiction, having only written one incomplete piece set in the Shadowrun universe. What they will do is role-play. A lot. If there's ever a day when they're not pretending to be some steam- or cyberpunk character who is prone to violence online, then it's probably because they're off somewhere playing an actual RPG like Shadowrun.

When it comes to reading stories, Data is a fairly forgiving guy. Usually. The things they won't forgive, and in some cases will drive them to butter knife-wielding authorcide, include, but are not limited to: Excessively bad spelling and/or grammar, completely implausible characterizations (especially when it's not labeled as AU), bad biology (which will occasionally be given a pass for certain furry characters who canonically probably have bad biology), blatant canon rape ("Dark Elves" are not a separate species in Shadowrun, they're not immortal, and they don't have their own empire. Argleblarg.), anything graphic involving a character who isn't of proper age, and trivialization of rape.

Data also beta-reads for people writing in their fandoms, or for original work. If you're not sure if something falls within one of their fandoms, ask! There's an ever-increasing chance that it will. It should be said however, that if you submit something to them, be prepared to get it back covered in red text pointing out, or fixing, errors. If you don't know how to convert the actual fixes to black to match the rest of the text, then ask that as well. Be sure to mention what word processor you're using, though.

Data Junkie also may or may not be a verdant panda with a jaunty chapeau.