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Chatvert is an oldbie. When pronounced properly (i.e. in French), her name is supposed to sound like "Javert." But you can call her Chat if you must.

She can be found quite frequently in Washington, DC and Williamsburg, VA, as she is doomed to forever reside in tourist traps due to a curse from an evil wizard bad luck.

She enjoys hot sauce and the occasional well-written slashfic, though not at the same time.


Chatvert writes Kitty Callahan and Alec Trevelyan as an agent pair, as well as all other members of Team Phoenix. Beta agent pairs are Kippers and Zed, and Diego and Najash. She is also in the process of doing up some missions for her other agent pairs. Since she is a slowpoke, these will probably be up in late 2015. She also must overhaul all the old Team Phoenix missions, because aside from being outdated, they're atrocious. (She may be unnecessarily hard on herself.)

Chatvert is a lurker extraordinaire. She rarely ventures onto the Board or the IRC, but always enjoys it when she pops her head out.


Chatvert runs the Fanfiction Academic Institute of Langley.

She can be found RPing on way too many places, because she has no self-control. She is also easily distracted by shiny things.