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The culprit herself, at a PPC meet-up

Araeph is a Boarder who has been a member of the Canon Protection Initiative since Halloween 2003.

On the Board[]

Araeph is a Permission Giver, thanks to the former PPC goddess, Greyladybast. Despite this, Araeph is also the former PPC infidel, and people still occasionally smite her. She goes into periodic lurker phases from which she always emerges; much like super-bacteria, she simply refuses to go away completely. Her mini-Boarders include:

  • Areaph
  • Areph
  • Arapeh
  • Araphel

No one knows where that last one came from.

PPC Writing[]

Araeph has written 17 missions for the PPC. She is the founder of the Department of Technical Errors and author of Agents Mara and Isaiah.

Besides the DTE, Araeph is the creator of the Pirates of the Caribbean litmus test, the Reality Room, the Canon Cannon and Canon Catapult, the PPC Crash Dummy, the Sue Scalp Belt, Grammer, and the Uncommon Comma. She is also the compiler of the first FAQ: For Other People and the Lists, which include the List of Everything PPC, the Complete List of PPC Fiction, and the List of PPC Response Centers. Finally, should you need a Misspelled Monkey to wreak havoc and sow chaos wherever it goes, she's the one to ask.

Elsewhere in Fandom[]

Araeph manages the Pirates of the Caribbean Mary Sue Report.

When she is not protecting the plot continuum, she writes what is (hopefully) goodfic, a probably hopeless effort to counteract the large amounts of dreck at the Pit.


None to speak of.

Outside of Fandom[]

Never let it be said that the PPC is useless in the Real World! Araeph now works in the editorial department of a publishing company where, yes, she corrects technical errors with lots of red pen.

Let's just hope there are none on this page...