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As of February 2010, Anamia is a recent addition to the PPC Board and has only recently been granted permission to begin exorcising the hell out of bad slash fics and running horrific (but fun) experiments on the Mary Sues in the custody of the DMSE&R. She is working on a website she can use to host her missions and is developing a host of disturbed and disturbing agents to play with. She has also decided that she has too much time on her hands. She is also beginning the job of MSTing Agony in Pink. She hopes to survive the experience.

Anamia is fond of offering sparkly rocks to newbies (pickaxe not included). She has found that they are useful for bashing people upside the head and make very good paperweights.

Anamia has an account on the Pit and hopes that none of her stories are spork-worthy, though she suspects that some of her earlier works might well be. She is a confessed and unrepentant slash fangirl of the faintly rabid variety, and this seems to play into her desire to write for the DBS in the hopes of redeeming the slash genre and allowing her to come out of the closet without fear of being scorned simply for her preferences in writing. It is a lamentable fact that her only fictional crushes are attractive young men who would never be interested in her, being too busy kissing each other. This bothers her not at all, and she only wishes they were corporeal so that she could take pictures.


Currently, Anamia writes about three sets of agents, one in the DBS, one in the DF, and one in the DMSE&R. She also writes an ever growing number of cameo characters, who may be used with her permission. Not all of the agents listed below have been featured in published missions, as Anamia tends to plan more than she actually writes.

Her agents include: