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Alleb was once a derpy fanwriter who spent her time trying to write a good Tenth Walker and failing miserably. Instead she wrote assorted Sues, the stories of which she (thankfully) never finished. Somehow (and she really doesn't know how) she stumbled upon the PPC wiki, which she binge read in an alarming fashion. After being scared away by something (possibly the article on Celebrian) Alleb stayed away for a year or two, slowly becoming a better writer and learning the difference between badfic and goodfic. She then returned to the PPC, and instead of remaining on the wiki she decided to ask for help with a fanfic on the Board. She got an outpouring of advice and assorted gifts, and after formally joining, Alleb stuck around. On June fifth, 2015, Alleb even gained Permission! And on July eighteenth, she posted her first mission!

Alleb is a rather private person, but one thing she has no qualms about sharing is her faith. Alleb is a Christian, and she doesn't care who knows. If you have any questions about Christianity, feel free to ask her.

Alleb loves to read and write, and always has. She hopes to become a professional author someday, but for now she's just got a dream and a Google Docs account.

Within the PPC, Alleb hasn't done much—yet. Her Big Sib is Iximaz.